Investment and Business Potential

The Kpando District has numerous opportunities for private sector investment, as well as joint ventureship with the public sector. In the agricultural sector, studies have shown that the district’s climate, soil types and vegetation are suitable for the successful cultivation of mangoes, vegetables and cashew for export.

The productive viable lands of the Volta and Deyi basins are also endowed with all-year-round water to support vegetable production. The district produces maize, yams, cassava, water yams, cocoyam and rice. Indeed, the district is the best in the Volta Region in the production of a new breed of water yam known as “Abidjan”, which is drought-resistant and suitable for fufu.

Very good opportunities, therefore, abound for the private sector in the production of chips and pellets from abundant water yam and cassava. The Volta Lake runs virtually along the whole of the western boundary of the district. About 340,000 metric tonnes of fish are landed annually at Kpando Torkor and Dzemini, the two most active fishing communities.

Investment opportunities exist in these two villages and others, as well as along the lake for fishing, cold storage, canning and other fish processing industries. Investors are assured of adequate extension services from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in the district. Collaboration between the District Assembly and the Ghana Export Promotion Council provides technical support for inventors producing and marketing non-traditional exports in the district.

The district lacks large-scale industry now but opportunities abound with the presence of lots of natural resources. Kaolin deposits exist at Agatanyigbe Afoega, which is very suitable for the manufacture of paint and pharmaceutical products. The District Assembly has a feasibility report on the viability of the paint project for study by investors.

There are clay deposits at Kpando, Gbefi, Kudzra, Botoku and Peki, suitable for ceramics, bricks and tile prduction and marble deposits at Tsatee Peki. The district has mountain ranges with rocks for quarrying, water bodies for lake or water transport and teak forest for the establishment of treatment plants for electric poles, as well as for the furniture industry.

Investors are also invited to assist in developing popular small-scale craft industries like pottery, carving and gunsmithing. The Assembly is helping to develop the sector by channelling credit to it under her poverty alleviation programme and organising courses in several management practices.

Financial institution

Banking Services

The Municipality has a number of banking services operating in the Municipality. These are namely Ghana Commercial Banks Limited, Agricultural Development Bank and some Rural banks.
There are also some credit financial institutions that provide credit to the general public. The existence of these commercial entities is to deepen the promotion of commercial activities.


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