Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Information Communication Technology (ICT) can broadly be defined as the tools, facilities, processes, and equipment that provide the environment with the physical infrastructure and the services for the generation, transmission, processing, storing and disseminating of information in all forms including voice, text, data, graphics and video (Asabere & Enguah, 2012). ICT has become an important tool in today’s information and knowledge-based society and has greatly transformed socio-economic processes and enhanced the lives of people all over the world.

There are three (3) post offices in the district. This is located at Anyinam the District Capital. The available telephone service providers are Vodafone, MTN, Tigo, etc with the network available in most parts of the district.


The District has one FM radio station. The signals of most FM stations located in Koforidua, Nkawkaw and Accra are received in most parts of the District. Signals from GTV, TV3, TV Africa, Multi TV and Metro TV are also available in most parts of the district. There are also 5 internet cafes/ICTs located at Anyinam. There is also Community Information Centres across the major towns. These facilities provide important means through which information and feedbacks can be obtained for effective development of the district. Efforts must therefore be made to ensure that the communication service providers improve and sustain the quality of the services.


The computer literacy rate in the district is relative high especially among the youth and the students. The District Assembly should connect electricity to Basic Schools in the district to enhance ICT education.


Date Created : 3/28/2019 8:29:54 AM