The Atiwa East District which lies within the moist semi-deciduous forest has two rainfall patterns with annual rainfall pattern ranging from 1,250mm to 1,750mm. The atmospheric temperature ranges between 26 oC and 36 oC. It is estimated that about 60% of the economically active population is engaged in the agricultural sector. 

These are catered for by seven (7) agriculture extension officers. Majority of the settlements within the district engage in agricultural activities apart from few urban centres. The adoption of scientific farm practices is high among literate farmers and has resulted to increase productivity while the illiterate farmers battle with low productivity. The major crops grown in the District are Cocoa, Maize, Cassava, Plantain, Oil palm, Citrus and Vegetables. Cocoa, Citrus and Oil palm dominate as the Major cash crops as shown in the table below.


Post - Harvest Losses

Post -harvest losses, arising mainly as a result of poor storage structures, inadequate market for farm produce and bad road network are estimated to be some the causes post – harvest losses. Processing of farm produce especially Gari is still in the traditional way. The District experience heavy losses. The agriculture related problem that are faced in the District include the high cost of farming inputs, low pricing of produce during peak of harvest, untimely supply of inputs for farmers and farm lands are destroyed during small scale mining.


Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs)

The Department of Co-operative has sensitized the farmers in the District to form groups that will enable them have access to credits and loans from the financial institutions to expand/boast their production.

Food security

The district with an agricultural local economy has relatively food available for consumption throughout the year. The climate condition supports the cultivation of food crops and tree crops such as oil palm and cocoa. This favorable rainfall patterns and rich soil fertility influence the availability of food in the district.






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