Farming continues to be the major economic activity undertaken by about 60% of the total labour force.  Major crops cultivated are yam, cassava, legumes (beans, groundnuts, Neri, cowpea and soyabeans) and cereals (millet, sorghum, maize and rice).  Vegetables are cultivated mainly by women.  Others are tomatoes okro and pepper.

Agriculture is also mainly rain-fed with limited irrigation.  Cropping pattern follows the land fertility pattern and farmers use either inorganic and organic manure or fertilizer.  Tools/equipment used by farmers include hoes (predominant), cutlass, animal traction and tractor services are limited.  The production situation of situation of some major crops is shown below
The major issues confronting the agricultural sector are:

  • Population pressure on land
  • Declining soil fertility and erosion etc
  • Inadequate marketing systems
  • Weak/inadequate extension services
  • High cost of inputs (farming, livestock and fishing)
  • Inadequate credit facilities
  • Erratic rainfall and over dependence on natural conditions
  • High incidence of pests and diseases (crops & animals)
  • Inappropriate farming methods
  • High post harvest losses.

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