Industry and  Energy

The industrial sector employs less than 15% of the active labour force.  Males continue to dominate the industrial sector.  The industries are the cottages-type using  traditional skills, simple tools and are mainly family business.  The cottage industries include handicraft, baskets and mats weaving,, metal and wood work. 


Agro-based industries also abound in the district.  Women dominate in the food processing (gari, starch and konkonte) activities, district wide.  Damongo is renowned. For its quality gari in the northern sector.  Other industries are textiles and leather works. The industrial production and employment is low in the district due to several factors, including inadequate skills, low technologies, inappropriate equipment,  poor marketing and high cost of inputs. In order to increase industrial productivity and employment the youth could  undertake skill-based training, and supported materially to establish local industries.


Date Created : 11/27/2017 2:44:52 AM