Good Goverance and Civic Responsibility

The Assembly intends to raise the Internally Generated revenue (IGF) from 4% to 10% by 2009. This will be done by intensifying monitoring and supervision of revenue collection and identifying additional source of revenue in the district.

The sub district structures would be made fully operational by engaging and paying the wages and salaries of the full compliment of the staff as well as providing equipment and logistics for their effective and efficient functioning. It is envisaged that there would be improvement in the security system in the district. This would be done by deploying more police personnel to the district.

Residential and office accommodation would be provided for both Police and Fire Service. The Central Administration of the District assembly will be strengthened by the close of 2009. This would be achieved by providing both office and residential accommodation for staff. Logistic and equipment will also be provided. Additionally the Assembly will support the staff to go for further training to enhance their performance.

Again cultural and traditional practices that are inimical to humanity would be reduced if not to totally eradicated. Finally, it is expected that there would be an enhanced relationship between the Civic Society Organisation, private Sector and the Governmental organisations in the district


  Common fund  

Fiscal   decentralization   to   the   district   remains   one   of  the   major   features   of decentralization process in Ghana. The only major source Central Government Grant to the District Assemblies is the District Assemblies Common Fund.   Recently another source of central governmentgrant is the HIPC Relief Fund

Apart from Government of Ghana Funds to pay for personal Enrolment of the staff of the Assembly. The only Grant from Government earmarked for development activities in the district is the DACF and the H1PC funds. In 2003 the central government grant to the Assembly was $5,401,094,600 whiles the projected inflow for the same year was 4,890,000,000.

There was an increase of 9% as against the budgeted figure. In 204 the projected figure for Grants from central government was <t5,285,900,000 which constituted 43% of the total inflow for the year Actual received was 10,142,758,342. This figure doubled that of 2003. However, in 2005, the actual receipt came down to $8,011,358,960, a decrease of about 27% of 2004.

Donor Inflows

Donor inflows for the period 2005 was projected to 100,051,640, 3,000,000,000 and 7,665,000,000 respectively. However the actual inflows was 8,302,406,607 for 2003, 3,685,593,617 for 2004 and 2,324,191,560 for 2005. The graph below shows the trend of inflow of donor funds to the Assembly.


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