Limited Agricultural Activities

Closely related to climatic/weather condition is the problem of limited agricultural activities. The climatic/weather conditions make it impossible for the active employment of the majority of people, who engage in agricultural activities, to support themselves all year round.

Famine is a yearly occurrence in the district. The short rainy season covering about five months of the year from May to September, results in a prolonged off season period during which farmers remain largely idle. During this period young people seek occupations elsewhere. They often move to Southern Ghana in particular where they engage in various temporary jobs for the period. The few dug-outs in selected communities which were expected to open opportunities for dry season gardening and animal rearing are not only inadequate but also dry out.

The rocky nature of the topography as well as the near desert conditions of the Bongo District leave very limited agricultural activities. Too many people share very small lands resulting in each person getting small portions that are unable to support their food needs. These lands can only support subsistent and not large-scale production.

Pull Factors
Unlimited Opportunities

Some destinations are perceived as places of limitless opportunities. These are areas where all dreams could be made true. Easily available jobs, high paying jobs, fast ways of making money, easy access to social amenities and beautiful things to see and enjoy.

Better Climatic/Weather Conditions

The weather conditions of destinations in southern Ghana make them particularly attractive to young people. The relatively mild weather conditions fostered by the two times a year rainy season and the milder dry spells are preferred to the harsh weather conditions of Bongo.

Booming Agricultural Sector

For those who travel to seek food supplements and jobs in agriculture, difference in the weather conditions which makes it possible for the southern sector to cultivate crops during the off farm periods in Bongo enables them to access jobs of which they receive payments. Also, the existence of plantation/commercial agricultural means the hiring of farm hands and also higher wages of which they can avail their services. The cocoa and oil palm plantations attract many migrants.

Variety of Job Opportunities: The availability of varied job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour also makes destinations in southern Ghana attractive. Mining centers, commercial centers, industrial centers and cosmopolitan centers are particularly attractive. Jobs in food, garments, building, retail and haulage have

Implication for Development

It is apparent that there is high out-migration in the District and this has implications for the district. In the first place, the young and energetic ones who can contribute to the development of the District all move out leaving the aged. For instance, the Agric sector is seriously affected since the aged cannot contribute significantly to food production in the District.

In addition, the situation has also affected the construction industry since the aged cannot work in the industry. Migration also has its own attendant health implications. Most of the migrants return with diseases such as guinea worm, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. All reported guinea worm cases in the District so far are imported into the District.


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