Industrial activities are an important sector of the economy of every nation. Countries that are well developed in the industrial sector are considered as world developed countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, among others.

In Africa, Ghana is one of the countries that have not been able to develop their industrial sector adequately due to myriad of problems.

Table 4.4 shows the employed population 15 years and older by industry and sex. The Table shows that, the major industry the people are engaged in include agricultural, forestry and fishing which employs 84.0 percent. The less dominant industrial activities are mining and quarry (0.4%), manufacturing (6.9%), construction (0.2%), accommodation and food service activities (1.3%), education (1.4%), among others.

The sex distribution shows a similar pattern like the occupational distribution discussed above. It shows that, there are more males (89.5%) than females (79.0%) engaged in the agriculture, forestry and fishing, but there are more females (11.3%) than males (2.2%) engaged in manufacturing.

It is interesting to note that none of the sexes are engaged in real estate activities, with only a few males engaged in financial and insurance activities (7), electric gas stream and air conditioning supply (3) and arts, entertainment and recreation (9).

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