The potential of tourism as a source of revenue to the Wa West District is found in its rich natural, cultural, historical and man-made attractions. The most significant of them is the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary which is 18 km from Wechiau.

Other potential tourism sites in the District are the Ga crocodile pond, the Lobi Architecture, a three hundred year old Mosque, the Chief Palace and local grinding mills.

These, however, have not received the needed support and development. Besides these natural and manmade sites, the culture of the people is also captivating. When managed well, these attractions could make the Wa West District a good tourist destination for local and foreign tourists.

Social and Cultural Structure

Traditional set up and culture Alongside the decentralized governance system is a parallel traditional governance system which appears to be at variance with the District assembly system.

Even though the two governance systems seek the development of the area, they are not able to team up towards achieving the common goal of development in the District. This may be traced to the subtle power dynamics and competition for control of resources between the two systems.



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