Water and Sanitation


The water and sanitation status of the district is not encouraging especially in the southern part of the district.




The safe water sources are boreholes and wells. The district capital enjoys treated water from Small Town Water System. During the period under review it was realized that about 68% of the populace have access to safe drinking water namely treated water, boreholes and wells fitted with pumps.


Out of this figure, about 85% is in the northern sector of the district. However Bamboi Township is being provided with small town system under the AFD programme.


Intended Actions on Water and Sanitation

Due to the problem of managing public toilets the DAs attention has shifted to household toilets with support from NORPREP (IFAD), WRI and Other partners.


Other actions earmarked for 2006-2009 include the following

1.Expansion of Existing water systems

2.Provision of small town systems and boreholes

3.Improve Management on water and sanitation facilities

4.Provision of toilet facilities to discourage indiscriminate defecation

5.Improve on methods of refuse disposal and waste management





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