Programmes/projects which are in line with highly prioritized district and National goals. The programmmes/projects of Four Year Medium Term plan – (2006-2009) will be phased out as shown in the following Annual Action plans


List of Projects

Non-Governmental Organizations


Some of our development partners are


•CIDA -District Wide Assistance Project (DWAP)

•European Union








Monitoring and Evaluation

Tracking progress and linking progress to certain interventions can only be done, if objectives have been set and indicators formulated, ie. A plan exists.


Monitoring in our context is basically the observation of programmes, projects and activities closely for the anticipated outcome to be achieved. It is tracking the progress or changes over time and in a continuous manner. This lets managers know what results are achieved.


Evaluation on the other hand attributes changes to a particular intervention. It focuses on how and why results are or are not achieved.


In the four Year MTDP period,-2006-2009 more importantly the Annual Action Plans, a systematic approach would be adopted to ensure that projects proceed in accordance with the Action Plans, that quality of work is up to standard required and inputs are on site at the appropriate time, in the right quantities and quality.


On the implementation schedule, agencies responsible for monitoring are indicated in the last columns even though it is not going to be their exclusive responsibilities. Wherever appropriate, Honorable Assembly members, Unit Committees, Traditional Authorities, Opinion Leaders, The entire communities and other agencies would be co-opted by the DPCU to assist.


Development Problems



Modernized Agriculture

•Low agriculture productivity and output due to over-dependency or rainfall

•Low access of women to land including irrigated land

•High incidence of pests and diseases

•Over-reliance on traditional agricultural commodities

•Low productivity of resistance breads of livestock

•High incidence of animal and Zoonotic diseases

•Cattle rustling

•Limited access to tractor services and other farm machinery/equipment

•Low exploitation of ground water for irrigated purposes

•Lack of access to credit especially of small scale women farmers

•Limited value addition and high post harvest losses

•Improper packaging of agricultural produce and products

•Lack of storage facilities especially at the community level


Transport Infrastructure

•Poor road network

•Poor road maintenance culture

•Inadequate vehicles


Energy supply to support households

•Inadequate access to electricity

•Deforestation and environment degradation due to indiscriminate Charcoal Burning


Development Information Communication Technology (ICT)

•Low accessibility to telephone facilities especially in rural areas

•Poor quality of Telephone Service

•Lack of internet connectivity facilities for the public

•Low level of education in ICT and its application

Transport Infrastructure

•Poor road network

•Poor road maintenance culture

•Inadequate vehicles

Energy Supply to Support Households

•Inadequate access to the national electricity

•Deforestation and environment degradation due to indiscriminate Charcoal Burning





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