The Wenchi Municipal Medium Term Development Plan was prepared in accordance with the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) guidelines for the preparation of District Medium Term Development Plans (2018-2021) under a comprehensive policy framework known as the Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (CPESDP), an agenda for Jobs: creating prosperity and equal opportunity for all.


With the adoption and pursuit of decentralization by the Central Government, district development planning has been aimed at addressing specific problems and potentials of districts without losing the national perspective. It is not only limited to special organizations within the district, but also geared towards ensuring that human, natural and financial resources are harnessed to promote the development of the various districts.


The new direction of national development during the Programme period is to create the condition for the Ghanaian private sector to propel growth and create ample employment opportunities, especially for the youth. The thrust of the programme, therefore is to stabilize the economy and place it on the path of strong, diversified and resilient growth.


Metropolitan/Municipal/District Assemblies were therefore required to prepare Medium Term Development Plans, 2018-2021 based on the new policy framework (NMTDPF/CPESDP) thematic areas. The priority interventions under this coordinated programme covers five major areas namely: Economic Development; social development; environment infrastructure and human settlements; governance, corruption and public accountability; and strengthening Ghana’s role in international affairs.

The current policy framework, focuses on policies, strategies and programmes relating to continued macro-economic stability, prioritized private sector-led growth, vigorous human resource development, good governance and civic responsibility that are necessary to propel the economy into higher growth and accelerated poverty reduction. In this regard, Governent’s expenditure will be prioritized in favour of policies, programmes and projects in the areas of revitalizing the economy, transforming agriculture and industry, strengthening social protection and inclusion, revamping economic and social infrastructure; reforming public service delivery institutions.


Vision, Mission, Functions and Core Values of Wenchi Municipal Assembly


The Wenchi Municipal Assembly aspire to be a model municipal through excellence in services delivery and wealth creation.


Wenchi Municipal Assembly exists to improve the quality of life of the people in the Municipality by mobilizing human and material resources for the provision of social, economic and infrastructure services.


The Wenchi Municipal Assembly exists to perform some functions to ensure sustainable development in the municipality. Some of the functions performed by the Assembly include the following:

  • Ensure the preparation and submission of the Development plans  of the Municipality through the Regional Coordinating Council to the National Development Planning Commission for approval
  • Ensure the preparation and submission of the Budget of the Municipality related to the approved plans to the Minister for Finance for approval
  • Ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources of the Assembly and decentralized
  • Monitor, coordinate and harmonize the implementation of development Plans and activities in the municipality
  • Facilitate the provision of basic social and economic infrastructure and services in the municipality
  • Facilitate Community-based and Private Sector Development in the municipality
  • Be responsible for development, improvement and management of Human settlements and the environment in the municipality







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