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Location & size

The Asunafo North Municipal lies between latitudes 6°27°N and 7.00°N and longitudes 2°52°W and shares common boundaries with Asutifi South District in the north-east, Dormaa Central Municipal on the north-west and Juaboso District and Sefwi-Wiaso Municipal in Western North Region on the west-south borders, and Asunafo South District in the Ahafo Region on the south-eastern borders. The total land size of the Municipality is 1093.7km2 with 389.7 km2 covered by forest Reserves.

These structures are made up of One Urban Council at Mim, One Town Council at Goaso and four Area Councils, namely Ayomso, Asumura, Akrodie and Dominase. The Municipality is represented in parliament by one constituency.

Topology & drainage

Asunafo North Municipal lies within the central part of the forest-dissected plateau of the physiographic Region of Ghana. There are different types of rocks in the Municipality; these include the pre-cambrian Birimian and Taruwaian Formations. The Municipality has a gently rolling landscape ranging between roughly 500 feet and a little over 1000 feet (above sea level).The topography is more rugged towards the North--Eastern (Mim Area) and south-western (Abuom).There are two main rivers among several other smaller streams in the Municipality. The major Rivers in the Municipality are Rivers Goa and Ayum.


Climate & vegetation

The fertile forest, which comprises onchrosol soil and semi-deciduous forest vegetation, is dissected by three major rivers which drain the Municipality – Tano, Goa and Ayum. The large expanse of forest reserve covers an area of 779.4 square kilometres. Its dense continuous canopy is typical of a prehistoric jungle and harbours a large variety of flora and fauna species.

Geology & Soil

The major soil groups which cover the surface of the Municipality, is forest Occhrosols the soils are highly Coloured and contain great quantities of nutrients. They are generally alkaline and support many Crops such as plantain, cocoyam and Cocoa.


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