Tourism Attractions

The full potential of the tourism industry in the Municipality is yet to be tapped. Some tourist attractions that have been identified by the Assembly and yet to be developed include: Kentenkeren Waterfall, Akyekyeso Crocodile Sanctuary, Obuotabiri bird view and Green Belts among others. The Akyekyeso Alligator Cave provides tourists with the opportunity to view and study alligators in their natural setting. These alligators are unique in that they have pieces of gold nuggets stuck to their foreheads. The Akuodum-Mpaem forest has immeasurable significance for development into an eco-tourism destination.

There are a number of good hotels and restaurants ready to accommodate potential tourists who visit the Municipality. The scenic landscape, exotic cultures resulting from the multi-ethnic character of the municipality and the many historic sites make New Juaben an exciting destination for adventure seeking and exploratory tourists.

Culture and Social Structure

The Municipality is heterogonous in terms of ethnicity with a high dominance of Akans and Ga-Adangbes. Ewes and people belonging to ethnic groups of the north also form significant proportions of the population in the Municipality. With the Akan population, there is a fair mix of Asantes, Kwahus and Akims with a sizeable number of Akwapims. The Municipality is predominantly Christian, constituting a population of 82.8 percent, Moslems 6.1 percent and traditional believers 2.4 percent. These religious inclinations have had a major influence on the dissemination of information and constitute a significant force in mobilizing the people towards developmental activities.


Ethnicity refers to the ethnic group that a person belonged to. This information is collected only from Ghanaians by birth and Ghanaians with dual nationality. The classification of ethnic groups in Ghana is that officially provided by the Bureau of Ghana Languages and which has been in use since the 1960 census.


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