NGOs Activities

The Builsa District Assembly recognizes the pivotal role played by NGOs/CBOs in advancing the development of the district. Indeed, over the years, the Builsa District has been privileged to have been beneficiary to several programs and projects executed by NGOs/CBOs both local and international. The level of development and improvement that the district has seen could certainly not have been reached but for the interventions of these developmental partners, NGOs and CBOs. Most of the projects introduced by the NGOs were successful. Dams, schools, boreholes and a lot of structures have been provided by the NGOs. Several support interventions have be operated by the NGOs in the district.  Major development partners that have supported the district in diverse ways include over the past years among others include;

  • JICA
  • EU
  • CIDA
  • ADRA

Some NGOs settled permanently in the district and still operate several programs in the district. Some of these NGOs are discussed below:

Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (FISTRAD).

FISTRAD provides remedial classes and a library for Junior and Senior High school leavers. The organization also established a vocational training centre for a 3-year program in dress making and organized skills training in soap making and other skills areas for women. In the area of good governance, FISTRAD uses both public and radio drama to educate the public on good governance.

The foundation also operates and manages the Community’s Radio Station, Radio Builsa (on 106. 5 MHz). Radio Builsa plays a critical role in the development of the district. The station serves as a great medium of education and dissemination of information. It broadcast certain programs and news from its sister stations (City FM in Accra) and BBC. Interesting educative programs are also aired from the station and listeners are given the chance to call into certain programs to make their contributions. It also provides a form of entertainment for the district through music and other programs.

Participatory Community Development

The focus areas of PACODEV include awareness creation on HIV/AIDS, education of the citizenry on Child Rights and the Parents’ responsibility to the child.

Oncho Free Development Agency (ODA)

The focus area of ODA include support for Oncho management, Micro credit, public awareness creation on HIV/AIDS, sensitization to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as well as gender and Persons with Disabilities issues. In the area of FGM, the NGO has achieved success in that it is no longer practiced in the district. Regarding gender issues, their sensitization activities have resulted in the men and women mixing freely in public, men helping in household chores. On good governance, ODA sensitizes communities on the need to get involved in local governance through their active participation in decision making processes.


ISODEC supports groups that are into income generating activities by assisting them with loans. In the wake of the 2007 flood disaster, the organization provided rope pumps; chemical for disinfection of water sources and cement and reinforcement bars for the rehabilitation of damaged wells and boreholes.

Presby Agric

Presby Agric promotes food security in the Builsa District by offering extension services to farmers in the district. They also assist farmers with other agric inputs.

United Nations Children’s Fund

The District Assembly in its development effort collaborates with a number of NGOs who operate in the District.  These include UNICEF, COWAP/GAP, Presby Agric. Presby Health Services, Rural Aids, Catholic Mission, Catholic Relief Services, Collaborative Community, Forestry Initiative (CCFI), ADRA, ASIP, VUUM, Bible Church of Africa (BCA) and Christian Mission Resource Foundation (CMRF), Foundation for Integrated and Strategic Development (FISTRAD)

Development Partners




HIV/AIDS Programme-NGOs

Foundation For Integrated And Strategic Development (FISTRAD)
Participatory community development (PACODEV)
Oncho free zone development agency (ODA)


Life unlimited foundation
Sandema tailors/dress makers association
Safer sex advocates
Rural capacity developers
Safe life
Be aware of AIDS
Mercy care association
Amaachab community based organisation

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