Current Economy of the District

The East Mamprusi is one district that is eagerly awaiting an inflow of investment funds that can be used to fully utilize the natural resource and exploit the potential that are so abundant in the district. The main occupation of the adult population in the district is agriculture. Other identified areas of potential exist in the industrial, mining and tourism.


The East Mamprusi Municipal produces a wide range of food crops and livestock. The food crops include cereals such as maize, rice, millet, sorghum; legumes like groundnuts, bambara beans, soya beans, pigeon pea, cowpea and neri; root and tuber croups like yams, potatoes and cassava; vegetables such as tomatoes, pepper, garden eggs and spinach; and export crops such as cotton and cashew. The major cash crops are groundnuts and cotton. 

Livestock reared in the district include cattle, sheep, goats and pigs and poultry such as fowls and ducks. Generally, agricultural production activities in the district are labour intensive carried out by both males and females, although females are known to hold only 2% of all acreage under cultivation.

Industry and Manufacturing

Industry in East Mamprusi Municipal is at a basic stage. The sector is dominated by small-scale activities using mostly indigenous technology. Potentials exist in the industrial sector especially in the processing of agricultural produce such as groundnuts, sheabutter and tobacco. Sheabutter and groundnut oil extraction is dominated by adult women while tobacco processing is the preserve of adult men.

Processing of dawadawa, fish, and carving and weaving of traditional textile and baskets is carried out on a small scale. All these activities can be further developed into large-scale industrie  provided the logistics and facilities are in place to support its establishment and promotion.


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