Development Projects

The Assembly is in the process of compiling a list of all development projects in the district either initiated by the Assembly, the community or the Honourable Member of Parliament and the Government of Ghana.
Some of these projects are to be completed this year and the rest provided for in the 2010 financial estimates. These projects include the completion of the following:
(a) Atsekpui D. A. Primary School
(b) Atidzive D. A. Primary School
(c) Akatsico Practice School
(d) Kpeduhoe Junior High School
(e) Wlitey Kindergarten
(f) Avega D. A. Primary School
Also, Duawodome Primary, Ave-Xevi Junior High and Avenorpedo Kindergarten school blocks had their roofs ripped off during rainstorms. These are to be re-roofed this year

Akatsi Market Development Programme

Togbui Presiding Member, it is the wish of every member of the Assembly to have a beautiful market for Akatsi. I have in consultation with the Member of Parliament and the Presiding Member that priority attention shall be given to the market within this short period. We are currently exploring some avenues so that to begin with, we can construct the lorry park this year. When this is done, we shall go into the market itself. Currently, the lighting system in the market is being worked on.


Date Created : 11/17/2017 6:32:28 AM