The past five years and within the framework of the first medium term development plan various efforts were made towards human resource development and the provision of basic services, particularly the construction of primary and JSS School blocks.


The Agona West Municipal has the following Public educational institutions, 71 Pre-schools, 125 Primary Schools, 95 Junior Secondary Schools and 5 Senior Secondary Schools. The Private Institutions however have 41 Pre-Schools, 36 Primary Schools, 22 JSS, 3 SSS and Another 3 Technical Vocational Institutes.

The breakdown of public school enrollment in 2005 is made up of 7151 pupils in public KGs, 26,808 in Primary schools, 9375 in JSS and 4,770 in secondary schools. Almost in all cases a higher proportion are boys. The picture is different in the SSS where there are more girls than boys. This does not pose a good representative picture, as a high proportion of SSS students are not from the District especially on the part, of Private schools.


As could be deduced from the analysis of the 2003-2005 MTDP, the construction of Day-Care Centers registered only 6% success due to lack of funds and therefore denying the backlog of pre-school candidates access to basic education, a situation that potentially retards the future development.

It could be observed from Graph 4 that enrolment in public schools shot up due the introduction of capitation grant and other Government policies such as the vigorous district enrolment drive and send your girl child to school campaign.The Infrastructure of most of these schools needs either rehabilitation or new structures.


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