Over 600 people rely on one borehole at Bilan
Over 600 inhabitants in four farming communities in the Dabo Electoral Area in the Wa West District rely on a single borehole at the community as their source of potable water for domestic purposes.

Date Created : 4/8/2024 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Philip Tengzu/

The residents of those communities, which were Bilan, Morazu, Guomaale and Sampina, relied on the borehole located at Bilan, provided to them by the “Adebayor Water” project in 2015.

Some women at Bilan, who spoke in an interview at the community, expressed worry that they spend several hours at the borehole queuing for water, which in turn affected their economic activities.

“We are really suffering in this community. Water is a major challenge for us here. It is affecting our farming and other economic activities. Our animals don’t also have water to drink.

If you don’t go there at dawn, you will not get the water to fetch,” Madam Stella Titus, a resident, lamented.

She said the situation was having a grave toll on their social lives, especially women’s relationship with their husbands as women sometimes spend a whole day searching for water for their families and seem not to have enough time for their husbands.

She, therefore, appealed to the government through the Wa West District Chief Executive, the Wa West Member of Parliament and benevolent individuals and organisations to come to their aid by providing them with additional boreholes.

Madam Pogsaa Bilan-naa, another resident, lamented that their difficulty in accessing water at the community was adversely affecting their marital lives and childbearing because women left their husbands in bed at dawn in search of water.

Mr. Eledi Simon, also a resident,said due to excessive pressure on the borehole, it easily broke down forcing the people to resort to dugouts for water.

He said they had been drinking from the dugout until 2015 when they had a borehole in the community, which was serving all their water needs especially during the dry season.

“Anytime this borehole breaks down, we don’t have any other option for water because we don’t have a dam here, so we go down the valley to dig before we can get water to fetch.

Mr. Abrose Gambozie, the Assembly Member for the Dabo Electoral Area, said that one borehole was not sufficient to meet the potable water needs of the communities.

He appealed for additional boreholes to help ameliorate the challenges of the people in those communities.

Mr. Gambozie said he was lobbying the appropriate agencies, institutions and individuals as well as the Wa West District Assembly to secure additional boreholes for those communities.