Pay property rate to help build the community
The Municipal Budgeting Officer, Mr. Samuel Affadu, has stated that the Assembly is unable to perform its mandatory duties to the fullest due to low revenue generation.

Date Created : 2/18/2019 6:42:07 AM : Story Author : Kwabena Owusu

In an interview with Adentan News, the Budget Officer said that property rate which is supposed to be the major form of revenue for the Assembly is currently below 12% of total revenue which means that the Assembly is unable to undertake major developmental activities.

Elaborating on the reasons for low revenue generation, he said that property owners are paying very low amounts for their properties. This he attributed to the fact that most properties in the municipality had not been valued.

He further explained that the Assembly has collaborated with land valuation and obtained the values of most properties and can now apply a rate impost to calculate and charge reasonable rates for most properties. This will also enable every property in the municipality to be captured for owners to pay property rates.

Mr. Affadu also stated that revenue collected goes a long way to help the Assembly provide basic infrastructure such as schools, health centers, construct and refurbish old and dilapidated roads and drains, street lights for the communities, scholarships to individuals within the community, support small businesses within the community, and also provide support for various institutions within the community.

Other sources of revenue for the Assembly apart from the property rate according to him include building permit fees and fines, and business operation permit. He then encouraged the public to start paying their rates as and when it is due as the Assembly needs the money to be able to serve its citizens well.

“Anything we can do is based on the Assembly’s funding. Once you own a property you should also be willing to pay something small to the Assembly to help develop your community. Looking at where we are located, the best way to generate money within the assembly is through property rates, so citizens should be willing to pay.” He said.