Atiwa East District to have the benefit of court services soon
The Atiwa East District is looking forward to enjoying the services of the court as it is opened to help complement the law enforcement efforts of the Ghana police Service.

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The local government act mandates the assemblies to put up courts for the judicial service and the Assembly has done that leaving some additional works to get the facility functional.

Speaking to, the District Chief Executive, Kwabena Panyin Nkansah noted that the facility being an open court in heart of the town needed to be protected since vital documents are also kept there. As such the Assembly has decided to wall the area which is currently underway and would be completed soon.

Touching on when the facility would be commissioned and put to use, he said the Regional High Court Supervisor visited the later part of last year to inspect the project, and because they used the old plan from judicial service, they have been directed to carry out some adjustment particularly with the positioning of the cell which is being done alongside the construction of the wall.

He said as season as these are done the relevant authorities would be notified to to the necessary action.