South Dayi records 32 cases of stroke as at third quarter
Dr Daniel Okyere Koranteng, Senior Medical Officer of the Peki Government Hospital in the South Dayi District, has disclosed that a total of 32 cases of stroke was recorded in the district as at third quarter of 2021.

Date Created : 11/5/2021 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : GNA

He said stroke was a leading cause of death in the district, and that the cases kept increasing saying in 2008 only one case was recorded compared to four and twelve cases in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Dr Koranteng mentioned systemic hypertension as the common cause, however, there were other risk factors including diabetes, ischemic heart disease, ischemic vascular disease, high blood cholesterol, obesity, tobacco use, excessive intake of alcohol, and sedentary lifestyle.

The Senior Medical Officer who deputised for the District Director of Health at this year's World Stroke Day celebration held at Peki, said stroke had its typical and atypical presentations and that what was known was the typical presentation.

He said the disease was beginning to present its atypical signs, which went unnoticed, making emergence of recurrent stroke very high with higher rate of morbidity and mortality, and urged the citizens to take necessary steps to prevent risk factors.

Dr Koranteng called on the populace to visit the Hospital's awareness clinic to seek information about their health, go for regular check-ups and support health personnel in their quest to eliminate the disease, noting that full recovery of stroke was possible.

He said the Hospital in collaboration with the District Health Directorate, engaged in a series of activities including community education on modifiable risk factors, most especially about tobacco use.

The Senior Medical Officer said the facility was gradually moving from curative care to preventive care aimed at ensuring that the citizens remained healthy at all times.

Deiga Kwadzo Dei XII, the Paramount Chief of Peki Traditional Area who chaired the programme, advised young people to avoid excessive intake of alcohol to enable them to remain healthy and productive.

He called on the citizens to desist from stigmatising against persons suffering from stroke, saying such behaviour was not helpful in the nation's quest to deal with the disease.