BIRIM C: Iain Goodfellow educate health professions, students at Akim Oda
Students of Oda Senior High School and health professionals at the Oda Government Hospital in the Birim Central Municipality have benefited from practical - based science activities with the visit of Professor Iain Goodfellow and Dr. Sabastine Authur of Cambridge University.

Date Created : 1/10/2020 5:53:40 AM : Story Author : Nana Kesse/

Professor Iain Goodfellow and Dr. Sabastine Authur of Cambridge were on a visit from the United Kingdom (UK) to Akim Oda, at the invitation of Mr. Alexander Akwesi Acquah, CEO - The Community Hospital Group

According to Mr. Akwesi Acquah, the Alexander Akwesi Acquah Foundation (AAA) in collaboration with The Community Hospital Group hopes to use these science activities to prevent disease outbreak and also excite students about science-related professions.

Addressing the students at the Oda Senior High School, Mr. Goodfellow said there is a need to impact practicals in students especially the science department so that it will be at their fingertips in the nearby future.

He advised them to consult people in any decision they intend to take for good counsel and make the best out of it.

He said since the hand is in constant contact with fomites which have been proven to be most contaminated, building hand hygiene habits is essential for the prevention of infection.

He therefore urges health professions at the Oda Government hospital to educate the people in the area especially on “EBOLA and MEASLES”.

Mrs. Doris Owusu, the Nurse Manager at the Oda Government Hospital expressed her profound gratitude to Mr. Goodfellow and his entourage, and promised that they will do their best to prevent the above-mentioned disease.