SOUTH DAYI: DCE hands over motorbikes to staff
The District Chief Executive (DCE) of South Dayi District Assembly, Ernest Mallet handed over motorbikes to Agriculture Staff in the District Capital, Kpeve.

Date Created : 5/24/2021 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey/

Speaking at a short ceremony, Mr. Mallet urged beneficiaries of the motorbikes to use them for the intended purposes.

Mr Mallet also urged beneficiaries to obtain license because to prevent them from confrontation from the police.

On his part, the Director of Agriculture, Mr. Enoch Dzadzra expressed gratitude to the government’s intervention to provide motorbikes for the Agriculture Department Staff to aid them do their field work.

The Director revealed that there has been a challenge/delay of registering the motorbikes by the suppliers but due to constant pressure by the Agriculture Department on the suppliers, it was registered successfully.

Present at the Handing ceremony were the Agriculture Director, Mr. Enoch Dzadzra, DIO, Madam Nancy Dogbey, Agriculture Staff and some Assembly Staff.