Shea butter factory earmarked for Bongo District under 1d1f
The Bongo District in the Upper East Region is to benefit from government’s business flagship policy, One-District, One Factory (1D1F).

Date Created : 5/31/2019 4:31:46 AM : Story Author : Peter Atogewe Wedam/

The 1D1F is a policy by the Nana Addo-led administration to trigger rapid growth of the local economy and also, create numerous employment avenues for Ghana’s populace, especially the youth.

District Chief Executive for Bongo, Hon. Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga made this known in his sessional address at the First Ordinary Meeting of the Fourth Session of the Seventh Bongo District Assembly. He disclosed that he had held discussions with consultants a few days ago at the Assembly, regarding the type of factory that was suitable for the district. He reported with joy to the General Assembly that, “after lengthy deliberations, we settled on a shea butter factory and upon its successful completion, 50 graduates from within the District would be gainfully employed”.

Mr. Ayamga stated that the 1D1F was a critical policy that would change to a great extent, the business landscape in his district which will lead to a bright economic transformation for his constituents while it also, open up the area to the wider business community. He also disclosed that the Bongo area was endowed with large clay deposits, dimension stones and other minerals and that, Management of the Assembly has been scouting for investors to set up factories in the district for the extraction and use of these mineral resources.

The DCE revealed that, the Assembly was about signing a Memorandum of Understanding with a company called TRADEX Global that had expressed interest in one of the district’s mineral deposits. He assured the House that, when the eventual deal is sealed, he would accordingly brief the General Assembly about the fine details of the whole package.

The DCE’s sessional address also touched on various development projects his administration was undertaking across the district and mentioned a virgin road from Anafobisi Junction to Sabo which was completed and in use, construction of 10-seater pour-flush toilet at Zorkor market which he said was 90 percent complete and the construction of a CHPS compound at Sanabisi, 100 percent complete.

In addition, the Assembly had also supplied 500 pieces of dual desks to needy schools district-wide, completed the construction of a 2-unit Kindergarten block in the Ayopia community while works were ongoing on the expansion of the Namoo Health Centre and on a new mortuary facility for the Bongo District Hospital.

Meanwhile, some 47 new communities across the district are scheduled to be hooked onto the national electricity grid with a further expansion in 2020.

Hon. Ayinbisa revealed in his presentation that, the Assembly had approved an amount of 3,966,507.00 Ghana Cedis as its share the Common Fund for 2019 and that, the amount would be released to the Assembly in tranches on quarterly basis.

The Assembly’s was also broadcast live on the Bongo community radio to whole district for the benefit of all who could not make it to the hall to witness the proceedings. This is a novelty for it has never happened in the history of Assembly meetings in the Bongo District.