N JUABEN: Let’s tolerate each other - MCE
The Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben, Madam Comfort Asante has called on the Muslim community to exhibit tolerance in all their activities. She made this call at the occasion of Eid al Fitr celebration at the Tijania’s Muslim prayer grounds.

Date Created : 6/28/2017 2:37:00 AM : Story Author : Elizabeth Ansaah/

Madam Comfort Asante thanked the Muslim community for participating in the Ramadan. She explained that, Ramadan is a spiritual exercise which empowers Muslim to be self-disciplined. It also symbolizes the acceptance of acts of worship, obedience, the remission of sins and mistakes.

She urged Muslims to use this opportunity to re-orient themselves to the creator in the natural path of goodness and God- consciousness. “Ramadan is the time to awaken compassion and solidarity with others in particular with the poor, excluded and vulnerable” she added.

MCE reminded them on Islamic teaching which instructs all Muslim to live in peace with other religious faith and tolerate the views of others in diverse society.

This will foster peaceful, co-existence between Muslims and other religious denominations which leads to national development, she stressed.

She advised that the spirit of peace follow the feeling acquired during the fasting period to guide their actions in all their dealings. She stressed on the need to refrain from indecent language and the use of dialogue to settle disputes or seek redress in the law court, instead of taking the law into their hands. “We should be good role models or ambassadors of our faith to attract more people into our fold” she added.

MCE explained that the current Government and the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo created the Zongo Development fund to ensure that all sections of society were involved in national development. She advised the youth to take full advantage of Government’s programmes such as, planting for Food and Jobs and those yet to be implemented. This will lead to the creation of more employment avenues for all Ghanaians to empower them financially.

Madam Comfort Asante advised the youth to desist from the use of motorbike for jubilation and hanging on buckets of vehicles. “Make merry in a responsible way”, she said.

MCE expressed her sincere gratitude to all dignitaries present and thanked the Muslim community once again and wished them well.

Council of Muslim elders also expressed their gratitude to the MCE and Assembly for the numerous supports they gave whenever they call on them and assured that, Islam is a peaceful religion and will adhere to peace through tolerance in every way.