Gov’t urged to refocus attention on agriculture
The Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Farms, Rev. Obed Danquah, has instructed the government to give the agriculture sector maximum attention to create the needed employment for the youths and Ghanaians in general.

Date Created : 1/17/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Simon Agbovi/

He said the major challenge hindering agriculture business in Ghana was financing, irrigation and water pollution and that the government must concentrate on those factors to encourage the youth to venture into the sector.

Rev. Obed, who was 2022 Best Farmer for Gomoa Central, said cost of doing business was high but not much finances was allocated to agriculture, making the industry unattractive to potential farmers and youths.

Farmers barely had the required support from the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), purposely established to finance agribusiness, whilst other private banks preferred giving loans to importers than famers, he said.

Prioritising agriculture financing could support farmers to produce in large quantities to sustain local consumption, increase export and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

Rev. Obed mentioned irrigation as one key factor to help farmers to grow their crops without necessarily depending on rainwater, which was no longer dependable due to climate change.

He lauded the government's One Village One Dam as a good initiative that could increase yield and said it must be fully executed to achieve its purpose.

Whilst focusing on irrigation, the government must protect water bodies from destruction through chemical pollution, he said.

On poultry production, Rev. Obed called for maximum support to help increase production so Ghana could stop the importation of poultry products, especially day old chicks.

He mentioned the cost of feed and diseases as other factors that must be addressed to ensure job creation and foreign exchange for the country.