AOWIN: NADMO organizes seminar on climate change and disaster risk reduction
The National Disaster Management and Organization (NADMO) in the Aowin Municipality has organized a day seminar for stakeholders.

Date Created : 10/11/2018 5:05:19 AM : Story Author : Wise Zah/Ghanadistricts.com

The training which saw zonal coordinators, Assembly members, Nananom and the media taking through the topic” climate change and disaster risk reduction” to mitigate and adapt to climate change in the various communities.

Delivering his welcome address, the Municipal Director for NADMO in the Aowin Municipality, Alfred Akwaboah Quayson said NADMO’s operations and activities goes beyond distribution and sharing of relief items.

He said, Nananom, Assembly members and the media have major roles to play in the various communities in order to prevent disasters and reduce risks from happenings.

Mr. Akwaboah said, climate change has negative repercussions in our daily lives and that the organization wants to do everything in its capacity to reduce disaster risk from time to time. He expressed that “If nothing is being done about the threats climate change poses, the people in the Municipality stand at a risk and the responsibilities lie on everyone to help mitigate and adapt to climate change and disaster risk reduction

He said, research has shown that some human activities such as deforestation, air pollution, land degradation, water pollution among others have led to the change of average weather conditions and the impacts such as floods, drought, famine, loss of human lives and livestock, heat waves affect us negatively.

Municipal administrator for NADMO, Mr. Dennis Owusu took the participants through understanding climate change and disaster risk reduction, impacts of climate change on disaster risk reduction, adaptation to climate change and climate change mitigation.

He opined that, the stakeholders should coordinate with NADMO to advocate for disaster risk reduction and mitigation. He advised the stakeholders to adapt mitigation processes such as agroforestry, dry land farming, alternative livelihoods for farmers to curb the menace of climate change”.

Nana Adum Kwame III, the chief of Nyankomam was grateful to NADMO for organizing such a serminar and advised the Assembly members to collaborate with Nananom in their electoral areas to organise communal labor to distill the choked gutters to prevent flooding during the raining seasons.