TEMA W: Flooding hotspots identified for dredging, desilting as the rains set in
Residents of Community 18, Community 20, and Kotobabi in the Tema West Municipality should brace themselves for some serious dredging works in preparation of the rains.

Date Created : 3/22/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/Ghanadistricts.com

This is in line with the yearly routine dredging and desilting activities undertaken by the Assembly to help the free flow of water through the drains.

Speaking with Ghanadistricts.com, the Municipal Chief Executive for Tema West, Anna Adukwei Addo said some meetings have been held and the various hotspots identified including Community 18, Community 20, Kotobabi and few others for attention.

Already, the MCE has led a team to Kotobabi last week to demolish a building structure sited on a water way. She affirmed that the area the demolishing was carried out is one of the major areas that give them problems hence it was welcoming to have finally succeeded in removing the structure.

She revealed that the Assembly has also created contact lines through which residents can seek assistance in times of distress. In a related development, the MCE said the introduction of "Operation Clean Your Frontage" has been of immense benefit to keeping the municipality clean and commended the residents for the interest shown each time in the exercise.

She said through a partnership with Asase Foundation, a private entity stationed at Adjei Kojo, plastic wastes are now money to people. So people go around collecting the plastics for sale to the company and this is a major step towards plastic management in the municipality.

The MCE however intimated that the major challenge with waste management which they are keen on addressing now is tricycles engaged in refuse collection.

They tend to dump the refuse anywhere instead of taking it to the main dumping site since they are yet to create transfer sites for these tricycles to dump their wastes.

This, however, is not an excuse for their indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorized places hence they would be arrested and fined.