Parents urged to support autistic children to maximise inherent talents
Dr. Susana Annan, Specialist Psychiatrist at the Tamale Central Hospital, has expressed the need for parents and other caregivers of autistic children to provide their needs to help maximise their hidden potentials.

Date Created : 6/30/2023 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Solomon Gumah/

She said children living with autism had some unique strengths and abilities, which when identified early, could help them lead more productive lives.

She emphasised that "They are able to concentrate and stay focused on their tasks. They have a special eye for detail because of their great observational skills. They do well in learning with cues."

Dr. Annan, who made the call in an interview with in Tamale, said such children could become experts in what they did using methodical approach, analytical, spotting patterns, among others in handling their tasks.

She said, "they are noted for their honesty, loyalty, commitment, tenacity and resilience."

She advised parents with autistic children to disregard various misconceptions associated with the condition and endeavour to provide their needs to enable them to harness their hidden potential.

Autism in children is a neurodevelopmental disorder, which requires medical attention.

It is often characterised by children avoiding eye contact, inability to respond to their names as well as repetitive movements such as flapping of hands, flicking their fingers and body rocking.

Although there are no readily available statistics of children with autism in Ghana, the World Health Organization in 2021, indicated that about one in 160 children had autism worldwide while in the United States, it is estimated that about one in 59 children had autism.