JAMAN N: Assembly presents medical equipment to health facilities
The Jaman North District Assembly today 6th April has handed over some medical equipment to the health facilities in the district.

Date Created : 4/7/2020 4:53:04 AM : Story Author : Micheal Boahen/

The equipment which comprises 10,000 pieces of gloves, 400 pieces of hand sanitizers, 500 pieces of face mask, 3 gun thermometers as well as liquid soaps were handed over to the Sampa Disease Control Unit to be distributed to all the needy facilities in the district.

This is to help prevent COVID-19 and also to protect the health workers from being infected with the disease.

According to the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Ferkah Charles, the items to be distributed to the various facilities in the district and must be used for its purpose.

Mr. Adane Ankomah, DCE for the district upon handing over the items to the District Disease Control Officer, Mr. Bismarck said, there is going to be a thorough check at various facilities as to whether they are been used for its purpose.