Heaped refuse in Awutu-Senya Evacuated-DCE
The heaped refuse at Kasoa and other parts of the Awutu-Senya District have been cleared following the successful compartment of refuse at the final disposal point at Akrampa.

Date Created : 8/20/2009 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : GNA

The District Chief Executive for Awutu-Senya, Mr Nuhu Adams, made this known at the first ordinary meeting of the second session of the Assembly of the Awutu-Senya district Assembly at Awutu Beraku on Tuesday.

According to the DCE three heaps of refuse were cleared at Bawjiase while two heaps were also cleared at Osimpo, Ayensuako, Obrachire and Kasoa market and Iron city.

According to Mr Adams this would not have been possible if the Assembly had not worked at the final disposal site.

In order to ensure that the environment is friendly and safe for people living around, the District Assembly embarked on a disinfection exercise at all sanitary sites in May.

The DCE said in spite of this, sanitation continues to be a challenge to the district especially at Kasoa.

According to the DCE, this is because the assembly is able to collect only about 60 percent of the refuse generated daily leaving about 40 percent, which gradually accumulates to become heaps.

In order to ensure good sanitation and increase the revenue base of the district Assembly, a cesspit emptier has been acquired\".

Mr Adam said the Assembly has decided to acquire permanent final disposal sites at Awutu Beraku, Senya Beraku and Bawjiase to facilitate refuse disposal.

He said the Assembly was going to enforce its by-laws through the formation of sanitation guards, who would move from house to house.

Refuse containers at Kasoa and its surrounding towns and Awutu Beraku had been filled beyond capacity due to the inability of the Awutu-Senya District Assembly to empty them for the past one month.