Group launches justice for Mma Rahinatu campaign
Strategic Initiatives for Peace Building in Nanung- a community-based organization in Bimbilla, made up of youth in the area and the generality of the Nanumba people has launched justice for Mma Rahinatu campaign to impress on government and other state institutions to act to get justice for the Mma Rahinatu who was murdered in cold blood.

Date Created : 12/18/2017 2:22:43 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/

Mma Rahinatu, a 40 year old woman met her timely death and her child severely injured during Tuesday 12th December, 2017 attack on Bimbilla by some unknown persons.

Strategic Initiatives for Peace Building in Nanung has thus unreservedly condemned such crimes particularly against a woman; the most vulnerable sects in society and expressed their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family, the people of Nanung and everyone greatly saddened by the cruelty against women and children.

In a press statement signed by Basit Mohammed Yussif, Executive Spokesperson for the group noted that: “a woman in every community remains the bedrock of society as they perform significant roles towards the sustainability and growth of family and society of which the Bimbilla Community isn’t an exception. It therefore becomes increasingly worrying and heartbreaking if the women in the community and their innocent children turn to become targets and have to pay severely for their lives in these rubbles of the intra dynastic conflicts that have affected the area over decades now”.

Strategic Initiatives for Peace Building in Nanung therefore called on government, the police investigative departments, the judiciary and members of the community to play their significant roles in ensuring that Mma Rahinatu is “given the needed justice she deserves to offer her eternal rest in the hereafter and all other women who have suffered quite similar fate in the land and all conflict prone areas in the country”.

They have also sent strong signal to the entire community that unlike in previous similar situations, they will resist any attempt by individuals, groups to compromise justice. “….we wish to assure all affected families that this unfortunate situation will not end like the others, as we shall resist all attempts by any individual or quarters that has the propensity of grossly compromising the justice delivery process just like the many unfortunate examples in the past which are yet to have perpetrators of such heinous crimes prosecuted and jailed”.

The group has also announced a mammoth peaceful demonstration scheduled for Tuesday 19th December, 2017 in the principal streets of Bimbilla in collaboration with the Association of housewives and Children in Bimbilla as part of their justice for Mma Rahinatu Campaign and means of pressing home justices to the most vulnerable majority in the kingdom.