Akuapem North Municipal strategizes towards revenue collection
The Municipal Chief Executive of Akuapem North Hon. Denis Edward Aboagye on Monday 14th January, 2019 met with beneficiaries of the Nation Builders Corps (Revenue Module) to strategize towards data collection leading to revenue mobilization in the municipality.

Date Created : 1/16/2019 6:48:53 AM : Story Author : Samuel Y. Kumah/

In a short briefing, the MCE was of the view that the Assembly needed a lot of funds to embark on developmental projects such as construction of roads, school buildings, provision of portable water, KVIPs among others. He said the Assembly requires a lot of hands to achieve this fit hence the NABCO beneficiaries had come at the nick of time to help this course.

In his submission, he painstakingly took time to brief the gathering on various strategies to use in the data collection as well as in revenue mobilization. These include time of visitation to households, how to meet target, the use of GPS map on devices such as android phones.

He also said the assembly has agreed to take those who would be receiving revenue in due course through bonding and that on every amount received, they stand a chance of receiving 7% as commission. Management has unanimously agreed to provide good Android Phones to every group with installation of GPS device on them for effective data collection, he added.

He called on all beneficiary to be committed to this course. He said they should eschew laziness and lackadaisical attitude in their quest of duty and that management would take attendance register into consideration before validating any individual for his or her monthly stipend.