SUHUM: MCE chastises the previous gov’t for not doing enough
Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwa, the Municipal Chief Executive of Suhum at the ‘Meet the Press’, roared against the opposition NDC for not helping the Municipality in terms of developmental projects under their 8 years tenure in office.

Date Created : 11/8/2019 7:15:53 AM : Story Author : Augustine Odei/

The focus of the program was to launch a campaign towards a successful December 17, 2019 Referendum; accounts for various policies and programmes of the government as well as developments in the municipality over the three years period.

Mrs Darko took her time to school the press with pictorial evidence, showcasing what has happened within her tenure of office.

She outlined the developmental projects sector-by-sector as she explicitly displayed it to the press through a powerpoint presentation.

Education was the first sector she talked about, since education has been the priority of the government and a pivotal contribution in investing in the human capital.

Below are some achievements:


1. 6 unit classroom block at Suhum Abirim
2. Rehabilitation of a 4 unit classroom block at Nankese
3.Construction of a 3 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Amanhyia
4. Construction of a 6 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Okanta
5. Construction of a 3 Unit classroom block at Adarkwa
6. Construction of a 4 unit Teachers’quarters with mechanized borehole at Zorh
7. Construction and complete furnishing of computer center at phi-bita Suhum – ongoing
8. 6 unit classroom block at Nankese Abirim
9. Lands scaping and Repainting at Phi-Bita
10. 100kg Desk at Nankese Abisim
11. 500 Wooden Mono Desk
12. 10 Teachers’l” tables and chairs
13. 13 rooms canopies for Suhum Presec
14. 3 unit classroom blocks with ancillary facilities at Densuso- Ongoing
15. A 3 unit JHS classroom blocks with ancillary facilities at Akote – ongoing
16. Ongoing 2-storey dormitory block –Suhum Islamic Girls SHS
17. Ongoing 2-storey dormitory block –Suhum Islamic Girls SHS
18. 0ngiong 6 unit classroom block – SUTESCO
19. Construction of assembly hall complex – SUTESCO
20. Construction of dormitory block – SUTESCO
21. Construction of 2 unit classroom blocks with ancillary facilities – Okonam.
22. Construction of 3 unit classroom blocks with ancillary facilities – Okonam
23. Construction of 6-unit Teachers Quarters with ancillary facilities – Okonam
24. Construction of 6-unit Teachers Quarters with ancillary facilities – Akorabo
25. Construction of 6-unit Teachers Quarters with ancillary facilities – Zorh


1. Ongoing of CHPs and Nurses Quarters at Asarekrom
2. Kwahyia CHPs and quarters – ongoing
3. Kwabena Kumi CHPs – ongoing

Water and Sanitation

1. Boreholes at Yaw Boadi,Kudorvor, Odjobi, Tei Mensah, Krobom;
2. Drilling of boreholes in the selected communities within the municipality – oforikrom kumikrom, trio, esaase , nanankor , oboadaka , nsuta wawase, kofi kini ,addo nkwanta and koradaso;
3. Construction of 49 modern toilet with ancillary facilities at some selected communities
4. Construction of modern toilet facility – Jato
5. Construction of modern toilet facility – Akote
6. Construction of modern toilet facility – Kwabena Kumi
7. Construction of mechanization of borehole – Miawani
8. 20 unit wc and Borehole at Akorabo
9. Evacuation of refuse at Amanhyia and Nankese


1. Installation of 3000 household electricity meters
2. Installation of over 2000 streetlights

3. Rural Electrification
Under rural electrification projects, she noted that 74 communities have been connected to the national grid including Wodekum,Myname koradaso, Anomabo, koransang, Miawani, Gojiase, Tete kaasum, Amanfrom, Ahafi, Atteh, Praprababida, snar, Tei mensah, Krobom, Besease, Kopoanya, Trio, Troto, Kromameng, Gamameng, Betenase, Obonmofo Densua, Adidiso, Supresu -Asarekrom, Kwao Nartey, Wekpeti, Wese, Adzibolo, Abrodiem, Owowase, Nartey Osei, Yaw Boadi, Narteh Anoma, Dedewa Number 1, Dedewa number 2.

Other Infrastructure

1. Rehabilitation and furnished of Suhum Municipal Assembly’s bungalows
2. Reconstruction of Amponsah market
3. Construction of 2-storey 40 unit lockable stores
4. Construction of bridge linking gateway school and Konfan community


1. Planting for food and jobs
2. Donation of Motorcycle to the Municipal
3.50000 hybrid palm seedlings
4.Distribution of subsidized fertilizers to farmers


1. 254 NABCO Workers
2. 150 Youth in Afforestation
3. 102 Community Police Assistant
4. 200 Pruners
5. 350 Spraying Gangs
6. 150 Pollinators
7. 175 Youth in Sanitation
8. 10 Youth in Sports
9. 4 Arabic instructors
10. 1 Paid Internship


T-junction to Volta house road.
Reshaped Roads : Suhum-Adarkwa, Obootumpan – Supresu , Akorabo – Zantrama Zorh – MyName, Nankese- Abisim, Akote – Trio- Kumikrom, Suhum – Kpankpan,Kukua – koransan, Dr Mabel road, Koransang – Abrodiem, Brong Densu – Nkatenkwan etc

Suhum Township roads have been road rehabilitated. 5kilometers include Suhum Presec road (250m), Fire service road (300m), Event park to Station road (300m), Anglican street (800m), Roman Park road (500m), Police station road (200m), Osikani Ankobea road (400m), Zafito road (800m), Municipal assembly road (250m) and Old Chocho road (1300m). The above town roads are ongoing.

Phase 2 will also cover the following roads : Nmgbertsonya road (1200m), Jehovah rapher road (1200m), Nana Kokora 1street (500m), Noma Martey Anoma loop (950m), Cathecist Asare road (500m), Auntie Mary road (800m), Vema city road (250m) and Odei Kofi lane (1100m).

Other Benefits

1. 120 Masloc beneficiaries
2. 502 benefited from Disability funds
3. 58 local scholarship for tertiary students


Vegetable canary at Addonkwanta – soon to commence.

After Mrs Darko taking the Press through the above developments in the various sectors, the Press was amazed by the numerous projects undertaken within the short period the honourable MCE has been in office.

The Press asked few questions and Mrs Darko responded to their questions with clarity to their satisfaction and later commended her for such unprecedented achievements within 29 months.

The program was insightful and asked the press for further engagements to ensure a friendly atmosphere