DCE on peace adventure
The District Chief Executive of the Nanumba South District Assembly, Mr Nantogmah Ibrahim Munkaila, initiated and led a dialogue between the District Assembly on one hand and thirty Konkomba opinion leaders on the other.

Date Created : 11/20/2018 1:44:59 AM : Story Author : Mumuni Ziblim/

The brain behind the meeting was to reecho the essence and value of peace to the leaders who were expected to relay same message to their subjects back in their communities.

This became necessary following two (2) separate incidences at Lipusi in the Nanumba North District and Nakpache in the Yendi Municipality between Nanumbas and Konkombas and Dagombas and Konkombas respectively each of which had the potential of spackling a widespread conflict.

He said that when there are ramous of war, there is tension in the atmosphere leading to frustration of every human endeavor, and when there is actual war everything breaks down including loss of lives and properties, famine, widespread of diseases, retardation of development and increased margins of poverty among others.

He added Peace indeed has neither alternative nor replacement as such it should be jealously protected by all to pave way for both our individual and collective development, he added.

He urged the leaders to do all it requires to promote peace in their various communities.

One their part, the opinion leaders outlined three (3) concerns which according to them must be looked at as soon as possible to open the gates for the desired peace:

1. The long existing marginalization against Konkombas should be a thing of the past.

2. The fact that Konkombas do not own land in the area, they require to farm and feed their families and to take care of other needs in life. As such, the land owners should be willing to share available farmlands with them and

3. There should be a committee made up of Nanumbas who understand Likpakpan and Konkombas who understand Nanunli to visit the various communities to deliver the peace messages.

Indeed these concerns were embraced by Assembly, especially, the last of the three which the DCE himself openly expressed his desire to be part of the committee to be constituted.