Herbal Medicine - Solution to our Health and Wealth acquisition - Dr Forkuo
Dr Stephen Forkuo, Chief Executive Officer of Forkuo Herbal Clinic, has beckoned the citizens of Ghana to embrace the concept of herbal Medicine practice since it is the panacea to dwindling fortunes in life and the solution to the acquisition of healthy life and Wealth.

Date Created : 4/17/2018 8:26:13 AM : Story Author : Pius Agyemang/

He disclosed this in an exclusive tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte interaction with your authoritative at the headquarters of his clinic in Pakyi I of the Ashanti Region over the weekend, during preparations towards the launching of newly manufactured efficacious herbal products slated for May this year.

He bemoaned the critically pathetic situation leading to the rapidly gross decline of life expectancy in Ghana owing to certain pertinent unwholesome human activities bedeviling the nation.

He called for conscious attitudinal change towards the review of such activities as spreading toxic agro chemicals on raw food Corps, polluting rivers and water bodies.

Dr Forkuo asserted further that to reverse the nefarious attitudes of unscrupulous people in the form of polluting the water bodies, the land and the air with such respective pollutants as Dichlodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT); non-biodegradable materials like plastic and rubber and; chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), carbon monoxide, amongst others, it behoved the citizenry to turn to the practice of herbal products in our daily routine activities.

Revisiting the good old infamous medication of herbs by the ancestors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) revealed that the forefathers enjoyed longevity of life, with the average life expectancy hovering around 100 years, whilst in its comparative form of late, it decreased sharply.

He emphasized that it was against the backdrop of seeking to reverse the disheartening trend that Dr. Forkuo Herbal Clinic, set up in 2002 at Pakyi I, was motivated to manufacture fresh products, namely Forkuo Men's Herbal Powder (Barima mu Barima); Fokhnol, to treat constipation, which breeds sexual weaknesses, menstrual disorders, and acting as a Herbal Mixture, treats malaria, general body pains, loss of appetite and the likes to augment the already existing ones available.

Dr Forkuo stressed that the power of herbs as found in his herbal Medicine is indisputably not far fetched as it goes beyond the normal trend of treatment of (chronic) physical ailments, and finds a lasting solution to such endemic societal problematic issues as divorce, unfaithfulness, excessive alcohol or stimulant intake, marijuana smoking and other hard disturbing drugs.

The CEO of the clinic sounded a word of caution to Ghanaians, especially management of the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.), the 4 Arms of Government, Media inclusive, likewise the security agencies, to amend and/or reinforce the Laws on the environment, with particular reference to the siting of communication masts, with a view to forestalling imminent occurrences of strangely unpleasant physical conditions of the citizenry.

He urged the youth, who remained the vibrant work force beneficiaries, to avail themselves of the numerous golden avenues created by the Herbal Industry - springing up nationwide - to seek quality health and, equally, amass wealth for themselves honestly.

On his part, Elder D.A. Tuffuor, a key executive figure of the Clinic, maintained that Forkuo Herbal Clinic, judging from the pedigree, honesty, modesty and commitment level of both the staff and management, continues to rise and reign supreme in the herbal industry, thereby spreading their tentacles to the environs of Achimota and Spintex (Batsona Total), both in Accra; Manso Adubea in the Ashanti Region; Drobo and Techiman, both in the Brong-Ahafo Region.

He was full of praise and enthusiasm for the members of staff and clients for cooperating and working tirelessly to attract the rapt attention of internationally recognized BOMBISCO Multimedia to confer on both the CEO and the Clinic their Pacesetters Paternalistic Award category scheduled for July, this year in Accra.