LAWRA: Assembly to extend electricity to all communities
The Municipal Chief Executive of Lawra Municipal Assembly, Mr. Martin D. Bomba-ire inspected the Rural Electrification project at the Brifoh-Baapari, Mwangbul, Gombile among other communities.

Date Created : 2/13/2019 7:33:03 AM : Story Author : O. Yeboah

The Assembly as part of measures to improve economic activities in the area is extending electricity supply to the remaining communities in the district that are yet to be connected to the national grid.

It is expected that by 2020 all 48 communities without electricity will have their electronic appliances powered by the national grid.

Speaking to the MCE for the area Martin D. Bomba-ire said though he has diligently seen to the completion of all the major projects that were started by the NDC administration, he will not renege on his quest to have more projects executed.

He disclosed that his team has already started sourcing for funds to start the electrification process to the remaining communities.

He noted that his greatest ambition is to ensure that the entire Municipality benefits from electricity in order to attract the necessary investment to the area.

Mr. Bomba-ire assured that his team will do everything possible to ensure that the vision of total electrification is realized and he also urged the people to back the President in prayers for him to be able to fulfill all his promises.