MCE vows to establish fast track court
Barely two weeks of his confirmation, the New Juaben Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Appaw-Gyasi has vowed to develop a Fast Track Court within the Municipality to help improve revenue mobilization.

Date Created : 8/14/2018 3:23:49 AM : Story Author : Collins Aikins Akuffo/

The court from time to time will deal drastically with any individual miscreant who flaws the Law and prevent revenue collectors from performing their official functions.

“My vision falls in line with that of the President of the Republic of Ghana, who is committed for development and so I the servant, will not condone nor connive with anybody who could not meet their tax obligation. We shall bite the bullet even if you are staff”, he emphasized.

The MCE made the promise when he took the mantle to meet and interact with the Assembly’s revenue collectors to have for himself firsthand information and find ways of addressing them in order to boost their mode of operations.

Mr. Appaw-Gyasi thanked the revenue collectors for availing themselves to serve the Municipality, saying the country needs dedicated and committed people to deal with.

He admitted that though the work is challenging, it is entrusted to all and sundry to seek for the betterment of the Municipality.

Mr. Appaw-Gyasi observed that in order to achieve results in every organization, the organization will have to re-strategize its mode of operation by motivating the staff and he as the MCE will ensure to motivate every staff who is able to perform.

“I urge you all to wake up and think something positive that will benefit the Municipality”, he emphasized.

He said revenue collectors within every corner of the country plays an important role in terms of revenue mobilization and as such organizations should not joke with them since they help the organization to meet its set target.

He hinted that there are situations in which revenue collectors kept the revenue collected by themselves without accounting, this he said is not the character of a true Ghanaian. He said a true patriotic Ghanaian always think about his or her nation first. Therefore, I advise you to change your behavioural attitude and lets all develop the country.

Mr. Appaw-Gyasi sounded a word of caution to the revenue collectors who took revenue from people and refused to pay them to the appropriate authorities. He said those in such acts will be fired and prosecuted by the Law court.

The MCE mentioned that the time has come for the Assembly to introduce ICT in the revenue mobilization. In this case, revenue collectors will no more handle any cash but then will be there as supervisors that will ensure that tax payers pay their taxes into the Assembly’s consolidated fund account. This according to him will also help to mitigate over rampant malfeasance in the system.

For his part the Municipal Finance Officer; Frimpong-Manso Addo reiterated the Assembly’s inability to meet its revenue target as at the end of second quarter in 2018. He said out of over Five Million Ghana Cedi target, the Assembly’s failure to mobilize even fifty percent (50%) of revenue target is uncalled for and it behooves on management and revenue collectors to rethink outside the box to improve the performance.

As a result, stringent measures have been outlined to improve the performance of revenue collectors by way of giving all revenue collectors target to operate with and motivate them.