Wumenu CHPS cry for help
The Wumenu Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS- zone) in the Adaklu district, has called for support to expand the facility and enhance its reach.

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Madam Jennifer Agbley, Midwife-in Charge of the facility in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after being adjudged the best health facility in the District said the “one room” facility, being used for delivery, consulting and dressing room, among others was affecting service delivery.

She said adolescents who visited the facility for counselling on issues of reproductive health always feared being overhead, hence, abandoned the facility.

She said the facility, which served a population of about 4,064 within its catchment area was always faced with water shortage, and sanitation challenges.

adam Agbley said last year, a concerted team work and dedicated leadership ensured that they were able to meet a 96 per cent target of immunising children under one year, especially in the hard-to reach communities.

She said they would continue to visit those communities to provide their basic health needs but called on stakeholders to provide them with transportation to facilitate their movements effectively, especially during emergencies.

Mr Charles Azagba, the Adaklu District Director of Health Services, said the Directorate was in consultation with the Assembly to help transform the “single room health centres” donated by some communities into a standard CHPS.