ATIWA: Abandoned Mampong D/A Primary School to be completed soon
The Atiwa District Assembly is to expend Two hundred and thirty-eight thousand, and eleven cedis, ninety pesewas (GHC 238, 011.90) on the completion of the 3-unit classroom block for Mampong D/A Primary School.

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However, there will be variations to the project as additional structures including head teacher’s office, store, sanitary facilities like urinals and toilets will be provided.

Though construction of the school block started long before the current administration took over, it was only meant to be the 3-unit block without the ancillary facilities.

The District Chief Executive indicated that education remained a priority to the assembly hence they will continue to offer the necessary interventions to record the desired outcomes.

And since infrastructure is one of the areas worth concentrating on, this project will help improve the infrastructure to create suitable learning environment for studies.