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GA EAST : PANTANG hospital feted.

Hip life musician, Kwaw Kese popularly known as the ‘King of the streets’ has held a pre-Christmas bash dubbed ‘Mad Feast’ for inmates and patients at the Pantang Mental Hospital.

Date Created : 12/22/2009 4:26:44 AM : Story Author : GhanaDistrict.Com

Hip life musician, Kwaw Kese popularly known as the ‘King of the streets’ has held a pre-Christmas bash dubbed ‘Mad Feast’ for inmates and patients at the Pantang Mental Hospital.

The event organised by Mad Time Entertainment’ managers of Kwaw Kese and supported by Zoomlion, Azar Paints, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Odo Rice and others, was to give the patients an end of year party to boost their morale.

The patients who have become societal rejects also received some donations, including an undisclosed cash amount, mattresses, paints, television sets and dustbins.

The musician also adopted the hospital’s ‘Ward Three’ to be called ‘Kwaw Kese Ward’. This ward is tagged as the most difficult ward as it houses most of the male mentally challenged patients. Kwaw Kese intends to donate regularly for the upkeep of the patients in the ward.

With the support of another musician from the streets, Wanlov the Kubolor, Kwaw Kese started the ‘Mad Feast’ with an interaction with the media to highlight activities for the day and what inspired the party and the donation.

Kwaw Kese who tags himself as the ‘Man Insane’ (Mad man) said he was touched by the plight of ‘his friends’ the mentally challenged and the way society has rejected them. He said, the ‘Mad Feast’ was his tithe to society and urged others to support the needy.

The medical director of the hospital, Dr Anna Puklo-Dzadey thanked Kwaw Kese for the kind gesture and said this couldn’t have come at a better time.

She was not happy about the fact that the patients have been totally neglected and rejected by the society. She also urged corporate organisations and individuals to come to the aid of the hospital and the patients.

The event got to its peak when Kwaw Kese shared the dancing floor with the patients after which he served them drinks and food and dined with them.

With the support of Wanlov Kubolor, Kwaw Kese treated the patients and the medical staff to a special performance dishing out most of his popular hits.

The climax of a very successful feast was a special photo shoot session by Kwaw Kese to raise funds for the hospital. Fans of Kwaw were allowed to take pictures with him at a fee with the proceeds going to the hospital.

The medical director, Dr Anna Puklo-Dzadey in an interview with said she was moved by the kind gesture of Kwaw Kese. “I am very much moved by it because I believe that it is only through people who are much recognised who can champion our message. For the youth who are listening to people like him (Kwaw Kese), it is the window opening, a new way of understanding that the psychiatric hospital and psychiatric illness is nothing we should shy away from. It may happen to anybody.”

“He is also showing us that, it is safe to be around people with this problem. It is a very big opportunity for us to voice out all what psychiatric is about. Everybody has a role to play, even interacting with the patients, helping us paint, getting us beds, pillows and materials for occupational hazards are very helpful. Helping us in cleaning and planting trees in the hospital, every activity which shows they (mental patients) are not forgotten is very helpful,” she said urging everybody to come to the aid of the mentally challenged.

Fennec Okyere, Kwaw Kese’s manager also said  that, “Kwaw Kese is ‘Abodam’, coming back here is like coming home. He was very happy and he gave them a wonderful performance. It is going to be an annual event. Every year we will try and have a party with them, maybe it might not be only Pantang, we may decide to go to Ankofo or other places next year.”

“We have adopted Ward Three and it is our dream that we will be able to put it in a good shape, support them with whatever they need so that they can also feel good as human beings.

We are also challenging the government and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) that, there is a big land here with a lot of buildings they have to just clear the mental patients off the streets and bring them home and give them care because they are all citizens. The mentally challenged are also citizens who have equal rights,” he added.