Cocoa farmers in Akyem Pramkese demand 80 percent of world cocoa price
Cocoa farmers in Akyem Pramkese in the Eastern Region are appealing to the Government to give Cocoa farmers in the country eighty (80) per cent of the world cocoa price this year, as there has not been any price increment since last year.

Date Created : 9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : KwakuSakyi-Danso/

In a statement, signed by thechairman of the ‘Boafo Ne Nyame Cocoa farmers’ Cooperative Mr. Nana Oduro Darkwah, the government throughCocoa board paid seventy (70) percent of Free On Board to farmers in 2020.

“We are expecting the government to increase the percentage to 80% this year, or in the worst case, the government should maintain the old percentage of 70% to farmers this year.

Increment of cocoa price should not be a “Weapon” used by the government in Election year to win votes.

Farmers deserve better”, the statement added. According to the chairman, Cocoa smuggling could heighten, if the government fails to pay a fair price to the farmers and the price difference between Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire becomes wide.

He added that, the living condition in the country has become unbearable, the price of goods has gone up astronomically, transport fares are high and the cost of labour incurred in maintenance of cocoa farms has tripled.

He continued that cocoa inputs such as insecticide, pesticides and liquid fertilizers have doubled, although the Cocoa Board supports farmers.

He therefore pleaded with COCOBOD to consider the current high Cost of living, high inflation, high cost of maintaining cocoa farm, dangerous threats of illegal mining activities, Cedi Depreciation, Smuggling of cocoa to Cote d’Ivoire and Poor living conditions of Cocoa farmers before fixing new cocoa prices.

“Recently Government of Ghana paid COLA (COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE) of 15% to all government workers. Cocoa farmers were not part of this COLA, because we are not government workers.

However we are all living in Ghana, We go to the same market just like Teachers, Nurses and the rest of government workers, but COLA was paid to only Government workers”.

“However the Cocoa that the government is going to sell abroad to get foreign exchange to support the economy belongs to the cocoa farmers.

Increasing cocoa price is not a favour from the government to the farmers, but is their right, something that is our legitimate right”, he said.
He explained that before the global financial crisis, weeding an acre of cocoa farm was between GHs 100 and Ghs150, now the cost of weeding an acre of cocoa farm is GHc300.

He added that taking a labourer to assist you for a day’s work which is called “By Day” from 8am in the morning to 12pm in the afternoon is Ghs50.00.

He said many of our farmers are now selling their cocoa farms to galamsey gold miners, “because after farming for over 20 years, farmers have nothing to boast off.