SABOBA: Assembly yearns to improve potable water supply
Inadequate supply of potable water has been a major challenge to the people of Saboba and its surrounding environs.

Date Created : 10/3/2017 4:04:10 AM : Story Author : Alice Abubakari/

The situation is as a result of high population growth and lack of permanent solution by the previous administration to help improve the issue.


However, speaking on efforts made this administration, District Chief Executive (DCE) for the area, George Kitingyaab Bingrini said, the World Bank was partnering the assembly to ensure the construction of water treatment plant project to help improve the situation.


According to him, feasibility studies had been carried out on the project, adding that work will soon commence on the project to ensure its intended purpose.


In addition, he said, the assembly is aiming at expanding water supply by constructing more irrigation dams under the government’s “one-million-dollar-one-constituency" policy to help promote agricultural activities in the district.


Touching on the government’s “Planting for Food and Jobs” initiative, the DCE said that, the programme seeks to modernize agriculture, improve production efficiency, achieve food security, and ensure profitability for farmers through what they produce onto the market.


He called on the youth to take advantage and join programme to ensure that crops are cultivated all year round.