AHANTA W: We are working on our waste – Health Officer
The Head of the Environmental Health Department of the Ahanta West District Mr Owusu Sekyere says the district is moving towards ensuring it becomes one of the cleanest in the country.

Date Created : 10/3/2017 3:00:44 AM : Story Author : Alice Abubakari/Ghanadistricts.com

He indicated that currently the assembly has cleared waste at spots where it had a challenge doing so.

Mr. Owusu Sekyere however was quick to add that the assembly is working at clearing the waste at Beahu and other few areas.

“We’ve been able to clear most of the heaps that we used to have around. The first one we did was at Agona opposite the Pentecost Church “Masarache” area, then we want to lower Dixcove. We have also gone to Apowa, Ghacem and Adwoa road. So eventually I think it is just left with the small one at Beahu and Ahanta Aboadi that we need to tackle”.

Speaking in an interview with Skyy news’ Portia Cudjoe about the waste situation in the district Mr. Owusu Sekyere explained the assembly has introduced several measures to enable it deal with waste promptly.

According to him the assembly has placed containers at places that hitherto containers were absent.

“As we speak we have placed 10 new containers at places where we were having challenges. For example we have one at Upper Dixcove. What we have also done is for people to pay a small token once they dump. This will help us to quickly respond when the container gets full”.

He also mentioned the introduction of the door – to – door policy which he indicated the assembly is working at expanding.

“The door to door service is ongoing but we have problems with the vehicle. It has been down for a while. As I said we want to even expand the door to door service because we are getting requests. But this is becoming difficult due to the nature of the vehicle we are using.

 It is so huge. And if you look at the areas the requests are coming from, their roads are narrow and also not good. So it’s a challenge access those roads”.

The households pay GHC15 a month and their waste is lifted once, he added.