New Ashongman residents call for tarring of their roads
One of the things residents at New Ashongman are looking forward to having addressed for them is their road networks.

Date Created : 9/27/2017 3:07:03 AM : Story Author : Daniel Addo /

The excessive dust that they have to endure each day due to the untarred nature of their roads remains a major cause of worry to them.

An interview with some residents around the New Ashongman lorry station particularly table-top traders revealed that the quest to get their daily bread compelled them to endure the dust despite the health implications of their actions.

They also noted that not only are they exposed to the dust when they come out but it even get worse when they are not spared in their homes as their belongings in their rooms, shops suffer from the dusts.  

They have therefore appealed to the powers that be to come to their aid and ensure the roads are improved to give them some comfort.