AMENFI W: Asankragwa market project progresses
Effective economic activities to a large extend depends on availability of suitable infrastructure to drive and encourage people to engage in such ventures.

Date Created : 9/19/2016 3:48:03 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/

The Amenfi West District Assembly has shown it understands this concept and has decided to invest in creating enabling environment for traders to boost trading activities in the district.

An ongoing ultra-modern market project at Asankragwa is precisely one of such interventions to make sure traders operate in the right environment.

The project which consists of the construction of up to 25 open stores and 15 lockable  stores, a big warehouse and lorry park as well as sanitary facilities is also geared at attracting traders from other places since the new facility can guarantee safety of their wares offer them the needed comfort.

District Chief Executive Victor Samuel K. Mesu in an interview with noted that the district apart from high cocoa production also produces a lot of the food crops that are transported to other parts of the country.

As such it is prudent that a suitable market is built to enable farmers bring their farm produce where they can sell at reasonably good prices so they can make good returns from their toils.