ADAKLU: DCE takes steps to reduce corrupt practices in procurement
District Chief Executive of Adaklu in the Volta Region, Kadey Phanuel Donkor has instituted measures to ensure due diligence in the awards of contracts in the district.

Date Created : 11/22/2017 11:56:11 PM : Story Author : Cliff

The DCE who was addressing assembly meeting noted that the practice of awarding contracts to people without proper documentations was a strain on the finances of the Assembly.

“This situation is that bad to the extent that I have people walking into my office demanding payment for works executed, when asked for documents covering such contracts and even award letters they are not able to provide it”.

“This therefore calls for forensic auditing of all contracts. Officers who condone this act will be dealt with severely”.

To ensure transparency and value for money in procurement practices, the DCE has thus directed the DCD to form a four-member procurement committee with the following Departments; Central Administration, Works, Budget Unit, and Development Planning Unit to help scrutinize all procurements.

Also in the spirit of curtailing high indebtedness to the assembly, the District Chief Executive announced plans to use the Works Department of the Assembly to supervise small constructs including constructions of classroom blocks and other such projects instead of depending on external consultants. Thus, the DCE assured that the work department will be well resourced to carry out its activities.

The DCE was unhappy that the use of consultants for such small contracts in the past has left the assembly currently indebted to these consultants to sum of about GH¢11,000.00 for three, six unit classroom blocks and CHPS compound, adding these could have been avoided if the works department had been used.