Tamale Mayor joins decongestion exercise
Major streets in the Tamale metropolis have become choked as a result of street hawking and trading at unauthorized place causing a lot of human and vehicular traffic.

Date Created : 10/11/2018 3:59:25 AM : Story Author : Alice Abubakari/

Tamale is filled with hawkers who now walk from one street of the metropolis to another, trying to attract buyers to a variety of items they offer for sale, which include cloths, footwear, foodstuffs and many more across the streets.

In addition, beggars, mostly migrants from neighbouring countries have invaded the streets making the whole business center choked.

In view of this, a task force from the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly (TaMA) led by the Mayor, Mr Musah Iddrisu, has embarked on a decongestion exercise to clear the Central Business District (CBD) to make way for a free flow.

He said in an interview that: ‘I consider the possible hazards which can affect those who are involved in this act and the proper users of the roads. They are not only infringing upon the law, they interfere with the lawful users of the roads. Places which are meant for vehicles are now becoming trade centres.”

Children, according to him, are also left to loiter and wander about on the streets chasing cars to sell their items day-in and day-out, adding that these kids are equally at risk of being knocked down by vehicles.

The decongestion exercise was joined by representatives of the chiefs, Imams, youth groups and the key political actors to clean and clear the streets.