Cultural Heritage

The Region is not left out when it comes to sites and scenes of tourist interest. There are numerous tourist attractions in the Region, notable among which are the Paga Crocodile Pond, the Bolgatanga Museum which houses objects of historical importance of the Region and the Kulungugu Bomb site, where an attempt was made on the life of Ghana?s first President.

Others are the three point elevation at Pusiga, where the tip of the boundary demarcation between the three sister countries of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo converge. The Tongo hills and Tengzug Shrine are located at Tengzug, 17 kms southeast of Bolgatanga, the Regional Capital of the Upper East Region. The Tengzug area has a unique landscape of outstanding natural beauty and cultural tradition which is dominated by dramatic granite land formations.

The rocky terrain consists of wondrous formation of caves and rocks. These natural formations have over the centuries, evolved as the scared epic centre of the Talensis, an ethnic group in Northern Ghana. Over many generations, the community has preserved their unique cultural environment. The Tengzug Shrine is rested in the beautiful hills and it is believed that the shrine has the power to grant luck and prosperity. Many Ghanaians and even foreigners make the journey to Tongo to make requests at the shrine. Visitors also have the opportunity to explore the local architecture and other aspects of the Talensi culture. 6 Sirigu is the place to visit for anyone interested in pottery and local art.

Sirigu is famous for its local wall decorations. Wall decorations are common in Northern Ghana, but have been perfected in Sirigu. The SiriguWomen?s Association for Pottery and Art (SWOPA) was started in 1997 to help preserve this art. Visitors to Sirigu can browse the wide selection of pottery, crafts and artwork in SWOPA Hall. Sirigu offers tours to surrounding homes to see the decorations at first hand, and tours of the village are also possible. The best way to experience Sirigu is through one of the “Be Part of the Art” workshops. Visitors can choose to learn how to make pottery, basketry, or wall design; house and village tours are part of the workshop package and guests can stay in the recently completed SWOPA Guest House.

The archaeological treasures of the River Sissili Basin, the Whistling and Drumming rocks at Pwalugu and Chiana, the Awologo-Tango at Bongo, wall decoration at Tilli, Kandiga, famous shrines and caves also constitute places of culture and tourist attractions. Despite these potentials, the Region lacks the necessary infrastructure and other services to support and market this industry. The Region will require substantial investment to exploit and develop this potential and to create employment


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